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 Indigo Development Client Services

Indigo's mission is creating systems solutions to major challenges of sustainable development. Working with a holistic definition of industrial ecology, we function as a virtual think tank linking research and development with both private and public sector applications. Our major projects have included:

  •  Creation of the eco-industrial park concept, embodied in our Eco-Industrial Parks Handbook and in our consulting practice;
  • Development of the Sustainable New Town  concept;
  • Writing of Discovering Industrial Ecology, the industrial ecology book with the broadest range of applications;
  • Consultation with Federal Labs and environmental consulting firms on creation of industrial ecology and sustainable development practices;
  • Strategic planning for a unique sustainable transportation initiative.

We are also applying industrial ecology to strategic planning for the transition to
sustainable agriculture, one of the most complex and under-funded challenges of sustainable development.

Indigo approaches sustainability as a complex, whole systems challenge. We work to create comprehensive solutions, often simply integrating separate proven components into holistic design concepts. We tend to focus on local applications that can be replicated in many other regions. As industrial ecologists, we seek to work with full awareness of economic, political, social, technical, and ecological issues. We generate concepts that include strategies for their  implementation.

Indigo Development's team includes partners, associates, and strategic allies qualified in the areas of industrial ecology, eco-industrial parks, economic development, real estate development, finance, urban planning, architecture, engineering, ecology, sustainable agriculture, and organizational design. The core capability of Indigo personnel is the ability to integrate the contributions of these diverse fields into whole systems solutions for businesses, government agencies, and communities.

If you are seeking a team capable of generating practical and  holistic solutions for significant challenges of sustainable development, contact us

For detail on industrial ecology services that Indigo offers, go to:  corporate strategic planning, scenario development, executive briefings, sustainable community planning, or eco-industrial park design.

Indigo Development has served a variety of public and private sector clients in furthering the application of industrial ecology to sustainable development.

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