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Strategic Reviews of EIP Projects

Communities, national and state/provincial agencies, and developers have initiated over 100 eco-industrial park (EIP) projects in North America, Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, and Latin America. Many of these innovative projects face significant challenges in applying this innovative concept. Many are struggling with organizational and management issues and inadequate understanding of what an EIP is. 

Indigo Development conducts comprehensive strategic reviews of EIP projects to help their planners spot opportunities to improve their strategy, design, and organization.

Your project may experience one or more of these challenges:

  • Recruitment and financing strategies may be missing major areas of opportunity for funding the project and gaining tenants;
  • The team may lack a clear sense of priorities in its development strategy and is working in a piecemeal fashion;
  • Management of the project may fail to define a feasible business model for the EIP.
  • Setting of project controls and performance measures may be ad hoc and unsystemic;
  • The team may be too close to the action and unable to see critical gaps in its design or process; or
  • Critical stakeholders and organizations may be missing from the team.
Our integrated review of your organization, design concept, and financial and recruitment strategies will highlight potential pitfalls and missed opportunities, yielding a base for creating a more effective overall development strategy. We are prepared to do strategic reviews at two levels:
  • A relatively low priced "desktop" review without site-visit. This will involve phone interviews and discussions with the project's key team members, review of project documentation, and a summary printed report and conference call to discuss findings.
  • A more lengthy review with the steps described in option 1 plus a site-visit, further interviews, and a workshop to discuss our findings.
We will negotiate the exact scope of work and cost for either option, based upon the stage the project has reached and the level of support needed.

Indigo's eco-industrial park strategic review will cover:

  • Project design concept: site-selection and design, infrastructure, building design, and support services;
  • Financial strategy: financial planning process, balance between public and private sources;
  • Recruitment strategy: process and organization, role of by-product exchange network, balance between external recruitment and local business development, and coordination with area economic development strategy;
  • Controls: financial, environmental regulations, zoning, and property covenants;
  • Project organization: composition of team, project management structure and processes, internal and external communication channels, process for public involvement, and planning for management of the operating park; and
  • Project-specific challenges not covered above.
In each area we will seek insight into your project's major successes and challenges, means of overcoming the challenges, and new opportunities emerging from our inquiry and dialogue with your team.
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