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 IE Planning, Briefings, and Workshops

If you need support for company or community specific applications of industrial ecology or for development of eco-industrial parks, Indigo offers client services including sustainable community planning; eco-industrial park planning, sustainable business strategic planning; and briefings or workshops on a variety of IE themes.

Strategic Planning

Indigo offers strategic planning with a whole systems orientation. Guided by the principles of industrial ecology, we view the strategic needs of companies and communities in the context of their natural environment. We support planning processes that integrate consideration of economic, environmental, technical, and organizational needs and constraints. As an aspect of strategic planning, we support the creation of credible visions and scenarios for a future that works for the organization and the full range of its stakeholders. These visions enable clients to explore the full implications of applying industrial ecology. They illustrate the value of whole systems and ecologically based design.

We also help environmental and management consulting firms make strategic environmental management practice more systemic through use of industrial ecology concepts and tools.

Executive Briefings, Workshops and Presentations

Indigo offers briefings on industrial ecology and its implications for companies, public agencies, and communities. We prefer to tailor these sessions to the needs of the client. We design each briefing to deliver value that can be put to work immediately.

Indigo staff are available for lectures, conference presentations, and discussions on a number of themes, including:

  • Overview of the field of industrial ecology and the benefits it offers to manufacturing and service industries and public operations.
  • A vision of sustainable development processes based on industrial ecology.
  • Business opportunities opened by an industrial ecology approach.
  • Sustainable communities and industrial ecology.
  • The Sustainable NewTown concept for integration of community design.
  • The requirements for a sustainable supply of food and fiber.
  • Framing the industrial ecology research agenda: process and content.
For more details about Indigo's executive briefings, contact us.

Community Development Workshops and Presentations

The emerging field of industrial ecology offers communities means for ending the apparent conflict between economic and environmental needs. Indigo's workshops explore economic development and urban planning approaches that can

  • Open new local business and job development opportunities;
  • Revitalize existing industries;
  • Lower local pollution and use of resources;
  • Improve the efficiency of municipal infrastructure systems;
  • Restore the viability of local ecosystems.
These workshops are customized to the needs and resources of your community. We determine the specific content to be covered through consultation with city leaders and a survey of current economic development and planning documents.

Options for community workshop content:

  • Overview of industrial ecology as a field of action, including the concepts of industrial metabolism (analysis of energy and materials flows), the industrial ecosystem and the eco-industrial park;
  • Introduction to the process for forming an integrated community strategic plan for reducing the total waste stream and increasing efficiency of resource use (residential, commercial, public, and industrial); (Through collaboration among economic development, public works and environmental protection agencies);
  • Development of an effective local industrial resource exchange providing markets for now wasted materials and energy;
  • Extending the value of investments in municipal infrastructure (landfills, energy, water and waste water systems);
  • Business opportunities opened by industrial ecology and their implications for economic development;
  • Using the eco-industrial park concept in the design of new industrial parks or the rehabilitation of brownfield sites;
  • Integrating town and rural development around principles of sustainable agriculture.
  • Mobilizing educational and consulting resources to help the community's business and government operations increase efficiency of energy and materials use;
  • Streamlining of environmental permitting and regulatory processes to support business compliance and competitiveness.
We also offer workshops focused on eco-industrial park development and enhancement of environmental performance of existing industrial parks.

We integrate our diverse capabilities to support communities and developers in creating:

  • Strategies for the development and financing of eco-industrial parks;
  • Eco-industrial park designs, development plans, and management structures;
  • Strategies to recruit new companies and incubate local businesses;
  • Comprehensive plans for turning community wastes into profitable businesses, jobs, and products;
  • Local multi-industry initiatives in pollution prevention, water and energy efficiency; and
  • By-product exchange networks for recycling, and reduction of environmental hazards.
Click here for more information on our strategic reviews of eco-industrial park projects that are in process, especially if your process is stuck. Back to Indigo Services

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