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Summary Report of International Consultant on Industrial Ecology 
to the Philippine Board of Investments and UNDP

By Ernest Lowe, RPP International, Indigo Development

Overall Framework

I worked as consultant to the PRIME Project industrial ecology module staff in June and November of 1999 on a project with industrial estates conducted by the Philippine Board of Investments and funded by the United Nationas Development Program. Within the two weeks from June 5 to 18 In addition we conducted a one day public awareness seminar that prompted interest on the part of developers of new industrial estates in bringing eco-industrial development into their plans. A one day synergy session among the four PRIME modules enabled participants to identify many opportunities for interaction and mutual support in achieving their overlapping objectives.

In November Indigo worked with US-EPA's Suzanne Giannini-Spohn and Sarita Hoyt in leading a three day conference on the development of eco-industrial estates for Philippine and Thai development companies.

Managers of the industrial estates involved in this project have taken a strong leadership role in recruiting participation by their tenants. Their collaboration across estate boundaries goes far beyond any projects in North America or Europe.

For current project status see the PRIME web site

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