Adaptation to Climate Change
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Adaptation to the Impacts of Climate Change

The Indigo Development team is expanding our strategic planning and capacity building services to assist public and private sector organizations prepare for the impacts of climate change through adaptation planning.
The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) defines adaptation as:

“. . .  adjustment in ecological, social, or economic systems in response to actual or expected climatic stimuli and their effects or impacts. This term refers to changes in processes, practices, or structures to moderate or offset potential damages or to take advantage of opportunities associated with changes in climate. It involves adjustments to reduce the vulnerability of communities, regions, or activities to climatic change and variability.”

Floods, hurricanes, typhoons, droughts, fires, and record temperatures are occuring more frequently around the world, often at more extreme levels then earlier. Even though the US is experiencing its share of damage, agencies and businesses are still doing relatively little climate adaptation planning here. The response to climate change is still focused on reduction of greenhouse gases. We believe this is only half of an appropriate response. So Indigo is now offering services and  background information to support regional preparation for both the extreme events and the long-term trends reflecting global climate change. 

In these pages we introduce the concept of climate adaptation planning and action and summarize the reasons for beginning now with capacity building and "no regrets" projects. Adaptation Intro

We outline a basic process of adaptation planning, based on advanced work in other developed countries and in aid programs to developing countries.
The basic steps in a regional process to plan adaptation to the impacts of climate change include:

1. Develop an organizational structure for planning.
2. Assess system vulnerability, risk level, and capacity.
3. Assess likely climate impacts.
4. Develop strategic plan for adaptation.
5. Implement the plan.
6. Evaluate performance and changes in risk patterns.

For more detail see  Adaptation Process

We describe Indigo's capacity building, planning, and research services for private and public sector organizations. Adaptation services   Adaptation and industrial parks

We discuss the vitally important issue of climate equity, arguing that the countries responsible for the majority of greenhouse gas emissions have a moral obligation to support adaptation planning in developing countries. Many of these poor countries will experience the worst climate impacts, although they have added little to GHG emissions. Climate Equity

You can link to the majority of web sites providing in depth information on climate adaptation in other countries and international institutions. Adaptaton Links

Finally, you can brush up on the jargon of climate science and policy. Glossary

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