Eco-Industrial Park Handbook for Asian Developing Countries
Ernest Lowe produced this new and revised edition of the Eco-Industrial Park Handbook under a contract with the Asian Development Bank. It is available as MS Word 97 files.

Cover and Table of Contents 29 kb http;//

Preface and acknowledgements 36 kb http;//

Executive Summary 74 kb

Chapter 1 Introduction 96 kb http;//

Chapter 2 Foundations for EIP Development 87 kb   http;//

Chapter 3 EIPs and Communities 64 kb

Chapter 4 Planning and Development 268 kb

Chapter 5 Financing Eco-Industrial Parks 102 kb

Chapter 6 The Emerging Sustainable Economy and Themes for EIP Recruitment 351 kb http;//

Chapter 7 Eco-Industrial Policy 95 kb http;//

Chapter 8 Design Strategies for Eco-Industrial Parks 187 kb

Chapter 9 Construction and Implementation 67 kb

Chapter 10 Management 261 kb http;//

Chapter 11 Greening Existing Industrial Parks 81 kb

Chapter 12 Creating BPXs 122 kb http;//

Appendix 1 Cases 261 kb http;//

Appendix 2 Supplementary information 192 kb

Eco-Industrial Developments in Japan 95 kb  http;//

Eco-Industrial Photo Gallery 1,499 kb

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